Charged with a DWI in the Hudson Valley, NY?

Steps to Take After You are Charged with a DWI / DUI in the Hudson Valley, New York

Any alcohol or drug driving charges (DUI, DWI) can result in license suspension, fines, jail time, probation, problems with employment and higher insurance premiums. Drunk driving and driving under the influence charges are nothing to take lightly. Here are steps that you or a family member should take immediately after being arrested for a DUI, DWI offense

Once arrested you will appear before a judge for your arraignment. It is at the arraignment where you will receive a copy of the charges against you. The fight to defend you begins with receiving a copy of the complaint and then all the discovery (paperwork) in your case.

An experienced DWI-Criminal Defense Attorney will understand how to read the paperwork.

Your experienced DWI-Criminal Defense Attorney will help arrange classes, programs, and treatment, and review all the case documents with you. Your DWI-Criminal Defense lawyer will guide you in deciding if you will accept a plea deal or go to trial.

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It is a very frightening experience to see sirens flashing behind you. Once you are pulled over by an officer or trooper for suspicion of DWI / DUI your odyssey with the court system begins.

Cooperate Without Giving Up Your Right To Remain Silent

You want to cooperate with the Officer or Trooper without giving up your constitutional rights. Do not make any admissions as to drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana or taking illegal controlled substances. In my opinion, take the tests when they ask and be respectful but remain silent.

REMEMBER, it is your right to remain silent.

Do Not Give Up Hope for A Good Outcome

An experienced DWI-Criminal Defense Attorney will review the documents and analyze if the breathalyzer test was faulty. Perhaps there was no probable cause for the Officer or Trooper to stop you. Numerous factors can affect a sobriety test from your anxiety to a health condition. Your criminal defense attorney will help build the case for your defense, reduce a possible jail sentence, work to allow you to participate in an alternative to incarceration program or probation.

Even if you plead guilty and are convicted of a DWI your attorney can help you complete necessary steps sooner, so that you can get your license back and get back to your normal life.

Get a Ride Home 

While some counties will allow you to be released from jail immediately after you've been charged so long as someone picks you up and pays your bail others will require you to stay in jail overnight. Whichever circumstance you find yourself in, the best step to take is to find yourself a ride home. Do not drive with a suspended license.

Prioritize Your Court Date

Before you leave the jail, you'll be given a notice that includes the date you are to appear in court, make certain you record the date and time of your court appearance on your calendar. If you miss your court date, the Judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Prepare for Your Court Appearance

You’ll need to look your best and bring along any paperwork requested from you. Your DWI criminal defense attorney will assist you with what is required of you.

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