Steps To Take When Accused of a Sex Crime in New York State

When arrested stay calm and do not to speak with police without your lawyer present.

If you or your loved one are accused of committing a sex crime, you will need a defense attorney that understands New York State laws as they pertain to sex charges. Sex crimes laws are complex and there are many different ways to defend the charges brought against you. Lisa is a former prosecutor of sex crimes involving adults and children as victims. Be aware that Orders of Protection are routinely issued and your lawyer will discuss this with you. Often family court cases are brought too.

Your lawyer will want to view your emails, texts messages, thus preserve your evidence. You will work with your lawyer to review police reports or other documentation including electronic and physical evidence that may have been compiled (“Discovery”) and contacting any witnesses who may have information about what happened.

Write down your timeline of events that lead to and include the alleged event. This will help you understand the charges against you. Keep your story straight. In addition, keep the details of your case private. Best to only talk to your attorney about the details.

You should assume that any communications you have at this point may be reported to law enforcement or recorded or both. It is common investigative technique to have the accuser, or a family member of the accuser make a recorded call to you to ‘confront” you to provoke an admission or an apology. Either will be used against you. Contact with accuser can put you at risk for contempt charges for violating the Order of Protection that will be issued against you at your first court appearance called the arraignment.

Do not voluntarily allow the police to search your place or conduct any DNA testing unless its court ordered.
Work with a skilled sex crime defense lawyer that can help you avoid serious consequences by aggressively defending your case. Lisa has handled hundreds of sexual assault cases and has experience representing clients in criminal courts both State and Federal. Her firm will provide guidance on how to best present your case and protect your rights. In addition, her firm does sealings and can work with those convicted get removed from a sex offenders list. Lisa offers free consultations, call 845-999-9394. El bufete de Lisa Pelosi tiene abogados de defensa penal que hablan Español. Serving the Hudson Valley including Poughkeepsie, Goshen, Newburgh, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Westchester and the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan.


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Lisa is a seasoned trial and appellate attorney with more than 30 years of criminal law experience, including experience as a prosecutor.


Lisa Pelosi serves New York City and all of the Hudson Valley. 

About The Law Firm of Lisa Pelosi

I have been practicing criminal law for over thirty years in the NYC and Hudson Valley. Having been a Prosecutor, I am very familiar with all aspects of Criminal Law.

I have handled thousands of cases and look forward to sharing my experience with you. I am available 24/7, call me at 845-999-9394 so we may discuss your case. I do not charge for the consultation. I answer all calls myself. Finding the right criminal defense attorney begins with calling me. Being arrested or having a loved one arrested is very stressful. In many cases I will come to your neighborhood to meet with you.

There is no case too big or small. I handle cases from DAT's, Shoplifting to Homicides. I have experience as a Prosecutor and defense attorney and have handled all types of cases. I am a former SEX CRIME, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and CHILD ABUSE PROSECUTOR and have expertise defending clients charged with these crimes.

I will explain each and every aspect of the criminal justice system to you. We will work together to resolve your case. You will not plead guilty to something you did not do and I will fight for you and against a system that often denies you your constitutional rights.

Please visit my website to learn more about the work I have done to help people who have been charged with a crime.

My offices are in Poughkeepsie (the Hudson Valley) and Manhattan. Tenemos abogados defensores que hablan español en la firma de abogados.

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Lisa has been nothing but amazing since she took over my case. I have been dealing with an insane amount of BS from my ex-wife, who had me face Misdemeanor charges, so she can leverage our divorce. Lisa took the case when I was at a dead-end with the DA and my previous attorney wasn't able to get to a satisfying resolution. Lisa has her magical way of making things work, and after only a couple of weeks, the case has been resolved. The reason I chose her over so many other lawyers I interviewed, was the sense of justice.

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